The Case of the Missing Galah

Angel - Rescued Galah

Angel having a well earned rest

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Well I do love mysteries – on the TV at least.

This afternoon my dear Hubby was outside deciding not to mow the lawn. While he was busily making that decision he had left the front door ajar. I looked around for our newest Galah – who we have named Angel. Well – Angel was no where to be found. I knew from recent experience that when she is out the front grazing she will make a sudden rush for the road. So panic set in, as panic always with a bird owner missing a bird. I searched the house. We lifted up lounge chairs and even beds – no Angel anywhere.
I had a writing job to finish so I sent the Hubby out into the wild jungle – AKA up and down the streets – to search for her.
A little while later – after I finished my first writing job I got ready to go look for her too. I went on a phone search and remembered it was in my dressing gown from this morning. I went to get it out and see what I had left in there this time. There was a little pink and white galah – with her head still tucked under her wing sound asleep! How she got up onto the bed and tucked herself inside the dressing gown we will never know – but she was one comfortable little birdie!


The birds are crazy!


Very proud of himself for finally having the courage to land on my head!

Three cockatiels

Our three cockatiels are free range in the kitchen and lounge area.

Our birds think it is Spring! The two male cockatiels are flying around the house like crazy. I know they are communicating somehow but it must be the slightest nuances or telepathy!
Meanwhile – our companion rainbow Lorikeet – Swiz has been ill for the first time in 5 years. She has been vomiting mist of her food for three days. She is on the mend but I can tell you now – vet bills are not cheap. 5 ml of medication cost $40.00 and all up it cost $160.00. I have never been so delighted to see a bird poo because it means the food is getting through and the blockage is dissolving.

We have three galahs at the moment. Our companion galah Billie spends a lot of time in the aviary but lives in the house. Our other two are recent rescues, they are living with Bandit the Corella. Funnily enough – Bandit grooms both of them and they groom Bandit but they are not so keen in each other!