The birds are crazy!


Very proud of himself for finally having the courage to land on my head!

Three cockatiels

Our three cockatiels are free range in the kitchen and lounge area.

Our birds think it is Spring! The two male cockatiels are flying around the house like crazy. I know they are communicating somehow but it must be the slightest nuances or telepathy!
Meanwhile – our companion rainbow Lorikeet – Swiz has been ill for the first time in 5 years. She has been vomiting mist of her food for three days. She is on the mend but I can tell you now – vet bills are not cheap. 5 ml of medication cost $40.00 and all up it cost $160.00. I have never been so delighted to see a bird poo because it means the food is getting through and the blockage is dissolving.

We have three galahs at the moment. Our companion galah Billie spends a lot of time in the aviary but lives in the house. Our other two are recent rescues, they are living with Bandit the Corella. Funnily enough – Bandit grooms both of them and they groom Bandit but they are not so keen in each other!


Reunited with Parronts

Reunited with Parronts

This little beauty came into our house for a short visit. A friend brought him over after the cockatiel landed on his head out the front of his house.
It was a cold and rainy night and the bird would have fixed if not found. I posted signs at the local IGA and post office and did the rounds with all the Internet based list and found sites.
Later the next day a staff member from the IGA called to say a customer had told him there were signs for a lost cockatiel near our area.
Yes – it was their bird and the young couple were quite tearful, they were so happy to get their baby back!

Joey – The Budgie

Two weeks ago we were given a budgie that was living a safe and lonely caged life.  He seemed so quiet and peaceful, yet hen we let him out go his cage!  Now he follows and chases all the other birds, terrorizing them or attempting to make friends.  Today our pigeon came inside and Joey found his new best friend.  The following footage was taken just before the midday clean up so please excuse the bird mess.   After this was taken I noticed Joey was out of the room.  I went into the kitchen and there was Treble running ground in circles with the budgie sitting on Trebles rail and gripping Trebles feathers with his beak.  I so wish I had managed to get footage of that!

Treble our hand raised pigeon.

Treble our hand raised pigeon.

These photos are of Treble as she starts to grow up. She is quite a loving bird and likes to snuggle behind our heads while we watch TV in the evenings. She loves to play outside. Sometimes the other male pigeons attack her, then we let her play in the large aviary. She nibbles at seeds and dry Lorikeet food.