Billie Found her way Home – Yeah!

Billie playing outside

Billie loves playing on the Barbecue

We have been having the never ending debate – do we clip Billie and Swiz’ wings so they can come outside and play – or let them fly inside?
Living in the city – it is quite dangerous for our birds if they get startled and fly away.

It happened again today. Kevin took Billie out with him to take his motorbike out the front. Something startled Billie and she flew as high and fast as she could – over the paddock and into the Industrial area.

Kevin came inside with a sudden sense of urgency and within two minutes we were both dressed and outside calling for our girl. Often – she will answer us with a whistle so we know what direction to look in.

After half an hour of walking around and calling out as loudly as I could “Billie” I decided to go back to the house and get the car.

There was Billie – up in the top of the Gum Tree just in front of our house!

We do believe she was guided home, not only from our voices but from the very loud Corrella and other Galahs inside. I really think they were also calling her.

I know for sure that Junior was when Billie was stuck up the tree. Kevin stayed outside to call her down and I stayed inside with the other birds. It took half an hour of Kevin calling her and all that time – Junior sat on the window sill calling out to her as well!

I imagine that most of the people around our block think that we are a little bit crazy (or maybe a lot). If you hear someone calling like crazy and looking up into the trees – bring your cats and dogs inside and wish them the best!

So glad we got our precious Billie back safe and sound!