A New Addition To The Flock

We have a new baby! Yes – a juvenile galah came to us today. It has a bruised and dropped wing. The parents were still trying to feed it but couldn’t keep it protected. It started of by screaming its lungs out at me and almost severing a few fingers (ok – A little exaggeration but I am sporting several band aids). Anyway – the bubba was towelled and cuddled for a few hours while I wrote. Than a few more hours on my arm and shoulder and now it is quite placid. What a beautiful little Bubba. Billie isn’t too put out either.

I guess she is used to our refugees now!

We haven’t named this one yet – I can’t imagine being able to release it as it will have to be strapped for about two weeks – but you never know. Right now it is sitting on my shoulder and grinding it’s beak – always a good sign!


Reunited with Parronts

Reunited with Parronts

This little beauty came into our house for a short visit. A friend brought him over after the cockatiel landed on his head out the front of his house.
It was a cold and rainy night and the bird would have fixed if not found. I posted signs at the local IGA and post office and did the rounds with all the Internet based list and found sites.
Later the next day a staff member from the IGA called to say a customer had told him there were signs for a lost cockatiel near our area.
Yes – it was their bird and the young couple were quite tearful, they were so happy to get their baby back!